WE ARE BLESSED thanks to our LOVE THAT COTTON family!!!!!

There have been so many things happening in Love That Cotton as well as in this country. I think we have all experienced times of trouble, stress, and defeat where we question our self worth and yes, even our faith. Those who lost EVERYTHING in hurricane Harvey, our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you. We also want to extend our love and concern for those who are facing the possibility of being hit by hurricane Irma, the largest storm ever! Sometimes we question why things happen and we may never get an answer. However, when we wake up each morning, there is a renewed sense of HOPE which propels, motivates and gives us determination to move forward as individuals and as a nation. It’s times like these that our faith and inner souls are tested. The truth is that God is in control. As we surrender ourselves to HIM, let us put our trust in the one that sacrificed everything for us.

Since the beginning of April we have been moving full steam ahead. We moved from Aledo, TX to Granbury, TX. We participated in the Applique Getaway, conducted our very first Facebook LIVE warehouse sale, which turned out to beat any of our expectations. By the way, we sold more in a couple of hours than in any of our trade shows to date. So thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for your loyal and loving support. Believe it or not, Love That Cotton is already expanding once again in anticipation of another growth spurt. Our new space will almost double our current space and all because of YOU! We are SO thankful.  You are amazing!!!!!

Cristina also announced that baby number 4 (she says the last one, SERIOUSLY), will arrive February 6, 2018, so our immediate family is also growing. YEAYYYY!!!!! We are so excited and blessed beyond words and looking forward to LOVE and train our newest LTC trainee. Kyleigh, (Cristina’s oldest) says she wants to work at LTC one day, and LOVES helping at the warehouse. Although her attention span is limited, we welcome her zest in giving us a hand.

Because of you, we are BLESSED to be able to work with family every day.  We get to spend time with our kiddos. As challenging as this can be at times, if it keeps them happy, it’s ok with us. The giggles and cute remarks break up those stressful days as well. So we continue family strong……helping each other and in turn motivated to serve you to the best of our abilities. Thank you all as well for being such loyal and understanding customers who have stood by us through thick and thin. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Please know that OUR GOAL continues to give you the best customer service we can provide and are thinking of ways to minimize frustrating situations.

With that in mind, the other thing we have done is change our website. Granted, as much as we thought of all the past and future problems, inventory control, ease and quickness of ordering etc., there are ALWAYS things you can think of afterwards that we could of/should of done. Trust us, this changeover took a long time and took a lot more effort than we could have EVER anticipated. Whatever decisions were made, were made with you mind. We hope the new website will be one met favorably by most of you and that it has addressed most of your frustrations and concerns.

New products, new colors have been introduced to our winter and summer line. Some of the colors we selected will be great for those sports fan families who wish to dress the little ones with the school/college colors. Bring out all of the school colors in your applique, monogramming or vinyl creations on the tops you select from LTC. So keep this in mind especially when thinking of ways to expand your sales capabilities. Remember that we included a fabric swatch with our pants which will enhance and tie the tops with the shorts/pants you have selected.

With the arrival of this shipment anticipated to be in early to mid-September, we expect many of our new items to fly off the shelves. As the products sell, we will immediately turn around and order more to suit the demand. We try our best to guess at what will sell the best a season ahead. Sometimes we go a great job and sometimes we under estimate your reception to a particular product.

We continue to learn, grow as individuals, as a business, and as a family …..to be proud and thankful to be part of this country we call AMERICA. Love That Cotton has been blessed by you. We wish you all BLESSINGS tenfold for your support. We can not do it without you. We pray for safety and as you and your families prepare for this storm.

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